Monday, November 24, 2014
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Cause of Prostate Cancer

Why Me? What is the Cause of Prostate Cancer in My Life?

Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer? If so, you have every right to ask, “Why me?” What is the cause of prostate cancer? There are... Read More ...

Men Among Men

Concerned About Your Upcoming Prostate Exam?

Concerned about your upcoming prostate exam? Maybe you’ve been having urinary issues, or pain on ejaculation? Especially if you’re over age... Read More ...

My Journey with Prostate Cancer

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago. At the invitation of Dana Kababik of, I wrote this short overview of my experience.   Prostate... Read More ...

Why I Laugh About Prostate Cancer

A prostate cancer diagnosis never comes as good news for a man and his loved ones.  It often comes entirely unheralded, though many men experience warning... Read More ...

Prostate Cancer & Me Book

Prostate Cancer and Me … The Book!

Prostate Cancer and Me is the true story of one man’s experience with treatment in a conventional medical establishment, told with forthright candor by a man who has emerged victorious over prostate cancer.


In spite of the dire nature of the subject matter, the writing, liberally punctuated with the author’s inimitable sense of humor, is often funny and always uplifting to the spirit.
Prostate Cancer and Me is a ‘Must Read’ for:


Men who have been diagnosed with prostate issues and want to know what they may have to look forward to, what decisions they may have to make, and how they will know when the battle has been won.


Family members and friends who are concerned for a loved one who is struggling with prostate issues


Medical personnel who would enjoy a patient’s eye view into the process of treating prostate cancer.


Young men who can learn from a humorous account of what they can expect as they grow older.


To start enjoying your copy of the book, click here: Prostate Cancer and Me.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Tommy Chong – Is Healing Prostate Cancer One of the Medical Uses of Marijuana?

Tommy Chong’s recent statement strongly suggests he’s convinced that healing prostate cancer is one of the medical uses of marijuana. I hope so, for his sake. What do you think?